Machining Capabilities

Our qualified machining technicians are experienced in modern design techniques for high precision parts manufacturing and assembly. This team coordinates with your company engineering manager to set-up sourcing schedules for parts, prototypes, and contract manufacturing needs. We will use your CAD files, blueprints with all customer specifications for CNC machining, parts finishing, assembly of components and testing under high-quality engineering principles.


CNC and EDM Machining

Using our modern CNC and EDM equipment, we precision machine materials to exacting tolerances specified by our clients. Throughout the production process we work collaboratively to provide the highest quality parts and turnkey assemblies while finding solutions to lower costs, lead times and reduce risk. Our best practice standards and modern equipment lead the industry.

Precision Manufacturing

Integration of our conventional Swiss screw, CNC, and EDM machining, we can develop an efficient custom process to create intricate and complex parts that cannot be machined with conventional processes alone. We offer exceptional customer service with cost effective manufacturing design that meet your parts production needs with the consistent capability that holds the line for the demanding tolerances required for precision parts manufacturing.



Our electrochemical process is mainly used to clean and remove material from metallic workpieces. In other applications it is used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts.

  • Removes iron from the surface and enhances the chromium/nickel content providing the most superior form of passivation for stainless steel.
  • Provides a clean and smooth surface that is easier to sterilize.
  • Polishes areas inaccessible by other polishing methods.
  • Improves the surface finish by leveling micro-peaks and valleys.
  • Removes a small amount of material from the surface of the parts, also removing small burrs.
  • Can be used to reduce the size of some parts when necessary.
  • Results are seen by many as aesthetically pleasing

Our Equipment